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A store with an adventurous atmosphere, made for a heart on a treasure hunt. A hunt for inspiration, a treasure for your home or a gift. Our hearts beats for unique items, carefully picked out by hand with heart and soul just for you. Annual trips to the big world, on a search for the unique. Fairs, with suppliers from all over the world, are we wandering on to be able to give you a taste of Snoka. Items carefully picked out for our concept, especially for you, with a heart from Snoka.

You are warmly welcome!


Our openinghours are divided in three by season:

05.January - 27.May

Monday to Wednesday : Closed
Thursday to Friday 13.00-18.30
Saturday : 11.00-16.00
Sunday : Closed

29.May - 26.August

Monday to Friday : 11.00-17.00
Saturday : 11.00-16.00
Sunday : Closed

28.August - 23.December

Monday to Friday : 13.00-20.00
Saturday : 11.00-16.00
Sunday : Closed

The Christmashouse 2017 opens at October 14th!