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Our products are a collection of unique suppliers throughout the world. On our annual tradeshow visits we find items representing the concept Snoka. We have a range of products for large and small customers, in all price ranges and sizes. Is there anything other than what we have in our store you are looking for, please contact us. We have a cooperation with some of our suppliers, great interior consultants and a goal of giving you a home you love.

Estetik Décor and Dialma Brown are two of our new suppliers of furniture. They have given us a range of furniture which stands for quality and unique design. All the furniture we have exhibited may be obtained on order, and if you have other wishes we will be happy to help you!

Estetik Décor

Beautiful and unique furnishings in uncompromising quality. Estetik Décor is in a category by itself. Inspired by sophisticated antique, timeless classic proportions and different culture wealth. Estetik develops and produces modern and luxurious interior like no other.

Estetik is a unique artistic history powered by the limitless imagination of their own designer, Musteyde Ufuk. Together with the founder, Serdar Ufuk, they have not only the pleasure of representing a unique assortment of miscellaneous interior, but also the years of research to develop products. Many years of dyeing leather, metallic development and laser cutting techniques has built Estetik.


Dialma Brown 

Dialma Brown is a lifestyle, it's a new and original way of living home on. It is a mix of styles that will be involved in creating a perfect harmony while you will get an unexpected contrast against the modern. There are warm wood and cold metal, there is a way to remember the old but at the same time go into the future with new designs.

Forms and colors are based on long experience and accurate research, which is expressed in drawings designed in a room and came to life in an action.
"The house is a one. Live Dialma Brown."


Some of our suppliers you will find in our store: