Snoka Cafe

Snoka opened for the first time in 1980, in our current Cafe, with textile sales. This part of the store was changed into cafe in 2016! Here can you enjoy our traditional apple crumble cake thats been on our menu since the startup in the 80's. Together with the crumble cake we serve our old fashion vanilla ice-cream and newly brewed coffee or tea. If soda or apple juice would tempt more, we will gladly serve you that instead.

If you are a large group that wants to visit us and want a menu, we recomend that you order in advance on mail or phone. This for less waiting and lines.



Small menu

Big Menu


Apple crumble pie

Old Fashion vanilla icecream

Newly brewed coffee

Teministeriets tea

Apple crumblepie with 1 spoon of old fashion vanilla icecream and coffee or tea.

Apple crumblepie with 2 spoons of old fashion vanilla icecream and coffee or tea.

Coca Cola, Pepsi Max, Solo, Sprite, Blue farris, chritmassoda and applejuice

Warm apple crumble pie with apple fill. 

With vanilla beans

newly brewed coffee on the old way.

black, white, green, roiboos or urbal tea with different flavors.