En butikk med en eventyrlig atmosfære, laget for et hjerte på oppdagelsesferd. En søken etter inspirasjon, et smykke til hjemmet eller en gave. Vårt hjerte banker for unike varer, håndplukket med hjerte og sjel for deg. Årlige turer til den store verden, på leting etter det unike. Messer med leverandører fra hele verden, vandrer vi på for å kunne gi deg en smak av Snoka. Varer plukket ut spesielt for vårt konsept, spesielt til deg, med et hjerte fra Snoka.

Our products are a collection of unique suppliers throughout the world. On our annual tradeshow visits we find items representing the concept Snoka. We have a range of products for large and small customers, in all price ranges and sizes. Is there anything other than what we have in our store you are looking for, please contact us. We have a cooperation with some of our suppliers, great interior consultants and a goal of giving you a home you love.

All the furniture we have exhibited may be obtained on order, and if you have other wishes we will be happy to help you!

The embroderied Solør Odal bunad is one of the unique things you can buy in our store. A bunad that was prepared in the 1930s and was completed in 1940. The fabric is produced at Gudbrandsdalen wool fabric factory, and assembly and embroidery are performed by experienced seamstresses in Norway.

The christmashous is what Snoka is most known about and the ornaments that we order from the world, are carefully handpicked to fit in our decorations. We do what we can to have a good range of interior items and we have a lot of knowledge for our customers. Some items in our store only exists in few numbers, based on the rearity of the item. 

Suppliers you also find in our store: